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1. The Apostles Creed
2. That the Bible is divinely inspired and is the revealed will of God.
3. That every child of God should be in a growing relationship with Jesus by obeying God's Word, yielding to the Holy Spirit and by
   being conformed to the image of Christ.
4. In evangelism and missionary work in accordance with the Christian commission (Matt 28:19) more info...

Our Mission
To be lead by the HOLY SPIRIT to take God's message of hope and love to the ends of the world through all means of media, service and through our life.


105.40 FM radio shows
Online radio podcast www.moreloveradio.com

'Thank God it's Tuesday'  ( A concert live in performance. )
Held more than 7 such programs in the last 2 years. The objective of 'Thank God It's Tuesday' is to expose the musicians and the audience to new types of music and ways of praising God. 'Thank God It's Tuesday' can bring together people of many different faiths so as to experience the power of the Almighty during this musical extravaganza. More info...

Konkani Audio Bible
Listening to the Bible is the best way to deepen and enrich your spiritual life while driving to work, at the gym, at home,
or anywhere else you like. The complete audio Bible on a CD player/computer, iPod, cell phone makes it perfect for home study,
bible study classes, whilst driving, for the visually impaired and those that are sick in bed. more info...

Billboards  (Large Hoardings)
We launched a billboard campaign where in we display large billboards (hoardings of size 8' x 15') along the highway/strategic locations that display spiritually inspiring message. These messages will be rotated every month. More info...

Intercessory prayer Group
We meet at the Don Bosco's Odxel Chapel every Tuesday morning after mass for 30 minutes & pray for the intentions of others. We have experienced a mighty response from our Lord. We also have a 24 hour prayer chain for special events and situations. More info...

Training Programs  ( Low-tech training programs for women )
Classes for Paper bag making; Screen printing etc are conducted in their village. This supplements the home income without daily travel to work & loss of time. More info...

Healing Touch  ( A Mobile Healthcare Project of Specialists for the Needy )
Through Mobile clinics that will visit the villages, ‘Healing Touch’ will provide quality medical & dental care- using the latest equipment and with the support of qualified, dedicated doctors, paramedics and health volunteers. More info...

Contact Us at help@faithworks.co.in
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Faith Works India, is an Indian Government recognized non profit Charitable Trust based in Goa involved in social & spiritual works in the State of Goa. It was founded in Jan 2004 under the inspiration & guidance of the Holy Spirit - the Founder. The co-founders Boromor (popularly known as Boni) & his wife Yvette Read more >>

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